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Purveyors of Amazing: Chef Andrew Diaz

Purveyors of Amazing: Chef Andrew Diaz

Meet Chef Andrew Diaz, the Chef with a Passion for Agriculture

Talk to any chef, and they’ll tell you that they have a passion for food. But Chef Andrew Diaz doesn’t just get excited about fresh ingredients and creating flavorful dishes—he is passionate about growing food, too.

Chef Diaz is Chef de Cuisine at Truluck’s downtown Austin, Texas location and has worked nearly every kitchen position since he joined Truluck’s in 2012 at Truluck’s Miami. But his love for food started much earlier when he learned to cook with his grandfather as a child. His grandfather and mother were also seasoned gardeners, and it was from them that his love for agriculture grew, too.

Chef Andrew when he was young boy with his father on the shoreline

As Chef Diaz got older, he became enraptured with various Food Network shows and was inspired by some of the great chefs of our time, such as Anthony Bourdain. In high school, in between wrestling practice and class, Chef Diaz got a job at a small Italian restaurant, where he was introduced to the workings of a restaurant kitchen.

Then, in 2012, he joined Truluck’s Miami as a prep cook, working under Chef Samir Canaan. Over the next three years, Chef Diaz worked his way up through every kitchen position. He spent the last year working closely with Chef Michael Cerny while completing his Master Gardner training at the University of Florida, a program dedicated to horticulture and empowering communities through plants and gardening.

Chef Andrew examining a row of flowers on the farm he worked on

Chef Andrew at a farmers market selling lots of fresh vegetables

In 2015, Chef Diaz left Truluck’s (temporarily—but more on that later!), packed up his bags and moved to the Dominican Republic to live and work on a self-sufficient farm. Growing crops, raising livestock, butchering and more—Chef Diaz was able to immerse himself and fully explore the world of agriculture.

When he came back to Miami in 2016, Chef Diaz started his own homestead, working and building up his own farm. It was rewarding work and only strengthened Chef Diaz’s connection to the land.

In 2019, Truluck’s invited Chef Diaz back to the restaurant scene. His heart may have been at his farm, but the finesse and careful attention to detail that comes with plating drew him back. Chef Diaz came back as part of the Truluck’s training team, helping locations such as Rosemont, Illinois, set up for a successful dining experience, both in and out of the kitchen.

Chef Andrew Diaz on the line in the kitchen in front of the broiler where he is cooking steaks

Then, in 2020, Chef Diaz made a big move to the Truluck’s downtown Austin, Texas, location to again work beside Chef Cerny as Sous Chef. This year, Chef Diaz was promoted to Chef de Cuisine, and he continues to lead the downtown Austin location with the same drive, tenacity and passion for food and agriculture he’s had not only since he joined the Truluck’s family in 2012—but a dedication to food, growth and craft that he’s carried with him his whole life, back to those early days with his grandpa.

Chef Andrew Diaz as a young boy with his grandpa on the shoreline of the ocean

Visit Chef Diaz at our new reimagined Truluck’s in downtown Austin opening in June. Your table is waiting.