Success Story
How Riley Hutton Elevates Hospitality,
and Hospitality Elevates Him

Picture of Riley Hutton

Riley Hutton

Director of Hospitality, Managing Partner

16th Year with Truluck’s

“I was a shy, quiet, back-of-the-classroom kind of guy,” admits Riley Hutton, noting the irony of this statement, given his Director of Hospitality title. “The restaurant industry gave me more than a job, it gave me a voice, and an environment where I felt empowered.” The world of hospitality offered an ideal path for Riley’s personal and professional fulfillment. First at the renowned Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, then at Truluck’s Austin, TX location, where he relocated in 2005.

“By the time I was 27, I was five to six years ahead of most college graduates,” Riley recalls. “Hospitality instills lessons you can’t get at any school: Connecting with people, creating trust, developing a bond with customers and co-workers, and most of all, putting other people’s interests first.” Riley honed these skills while advancing at Truluck’s, first from Server/Trainer to Beverage Manager, then to General Manager, followed by Managing Partner, and ultimately selected for his current role of Director of Hospitality. But despite his great success in 25 years in the restaurant business, the little things are still what inspire him the most.

“Unlocking the doors of the restaurant is the best part of my day. Putting the phone and the computer down and focusing on the human experience—making people happy, executing the steps of service, being part of a work family—that’s why we’re here.”