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Santa Barbara Spiny Lobster

Santa Barbara Spiny Lobster

picture of the Santa Barbara spiny lobster composed dish

The Santa Barbra Spiny Lobster is a big deal to many, but unfortunately, most people living outside of California haven’t had the pleasure of trying this delicious dish. These lobsters are classic Spiny Lobsters, meaning they have large tails and no claws. Unlike Florida lobsters, they are from cold water and have a taste similar to the classic Maine lobster, but sweeter.

picture of freshly caught Santa Barbara spiny lobster in a fishing crate

Spiny Lobsters are simply scrumptious – trust us. The reason? It’s diet. Santa Barbra Spiny Lobsters feed on sea urchins, clams and mussels. Lobsters are often thought of as bottom feeders and the roaches of the sea, but not these delicacies. They feast on the best of what the Santa Barbara waters have to offer.

picture of a fisherman with a lobster fishing crate.

I’m very pleased to tell you that in late December, for a limited time, we will be able to offer these amazing crustaceans to our guests. Our good friend and partner has been fishing for Christmas Crabs, Santa Barbara Stone Crab and yes, Spiny Lobsters just for us.

picture of a fisherman holding a large Santa Barbara spiny lobster

picture of 3 Santa Barbara spiny lobster close up

The season started in October, but our fishermen suggested that we wait until the end of the year to catch the biggest, best Spiny Lobsters. According to our experts, the large females are used to lure males out with pheromones and mating calls until late in the season when they are harvested alongside the males. Because of this, we’ll be receiving the biggest lobsters available.picture of a Santa Barbara spiny lobster picture of the face of a Santa Barbara spiny lobster

This is the freshest of the fresh folks. They will be sent to us live and prepared to order. It should be obvious but, when bringing in a live animal, you must be very conservative in your ordering. Not only are they expensive but, more importantly, it is criminal to waste these beautiful creatures. When we get them in, hop in the car, grab a seat at Truluck’s and get a taste of the incredible Santa Barbra Spiny Lobster. There won’t be many, and they won’t last long. Your table is waiting.

picture of the Santa Barbara spiny lobster composed dish