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Truluck’s Superstar: Chef Brad Moss

Truluck’s Superstar: Brad Moss

picture of Chef Brad Moss in the restaurant

Brad Moss is Chef at our Naples location and a man of very few words. That isn’t a bad thing – some of the best kitchens are run by chefs who create a quiet and calming environment. You might remember that Sammy the Barbarian was the previous chef at our Naples location (he’s since then taken on a different role within Truluck’s) and thus, Brad Moss had some big shoes to fill. Luckily, he’s filled them with his own unique style and is doing a terrific job. Let’s take look at Chef Moss, get a sense of who he is and understand how he came to be part of our Truluck’s culinary team.

picture of Brad Moss with a body builder picture of Brad Moss with his cat

Brad grew up in Shelby Township, Michigan, where he just happened to stumble upon the food world. In high school he worked at Steak ‘n’ Shake and became the Kitchen Manager at 17. Although it was a fast-food restaurant, he learned a lot of the basics required to become a good chef. Organization, inventory management, scheduling and, most importantly, people skills – all essentials when it comes to running a successful kitchen, regardless of the style of restaurant. This experience led Brad to culinary school where he discovered cooking came very naturally to him. From there on out, he never looked back.

At the age of 22, he moved to Naples to be closer to his mother. He became the sous chef of the very popular restaurant, Roy’s, where he really sunk his teeth into the high end and seafood world. After Roy’s closed, he moved on to the JW Marriott and tried his hand at a country club. Chef Moss quickly realized that the country club life was too slow for him and revolved around “boring food,” so he began to look elsewhere. A good friend suggested Truluck’s, and the rest is history.

picture of Chef Brad Moss putting together a miso seabass entree

picture of the Truluck's Naples staff smiling in the dining room all gathered for a group photo

After two and a half years, he was promoted to the Chef position and officially in charge of our Naples location. Not only has he made many of our staff members proud, but he has also managed to accomplish this through Covid, food shortages and being woefully understaffed. Brad has passed all tests with flying colors and is now gearing up for a very busy and exciting season.

picture of Brad Moss with the Truluck's team at the Oyster Bash festival in Miami

picture of Chef Brad Moss in the restaurant

Hear more from the man himself in very few words:

“I really like Truluck’s a lot. It’s been a way better experience that any other restaurant that I have worked in. The communication and people are great, and we always do what we say we are going to do. There aren’t any false promises. Coming from Michigan where you spend six months of the year inside, I love Florida. When not at the restaurant, I don’t like spending time inside. I have a garage full of motorcycles and I spend a lot of time customizing them and riding.”

picture of Chef Brad Moss doing preshift with the server team

And here is what his team members had to say:

“Brad is a cool, calm and collected chef – always in control. You can see that in the results he attains from his team every night. Chef and his team deliver a dining experience that is remarkable. He is a true professional at his trade.” – Todd Perry, Truluck’s Managing Partner

“He understands the market, is meticulous, curious, not afraid to ask questions, and definitely not afraid of new challenges. I asked him once ‘bro, did you work out today?’ his response was ‘that’s like asking me if I brushed my teeth this morning.’ He is a gym freak and used to be a power lifter. He brings that same dedication to Truluck’s every day.” – Samir Canaan, Regional Chef Partner

Brad Moss truly is a strong and talented Chef. Visit him in Naples to enjoy his delicious dishes, crafted with the ocean’s finest seafood. Your table is waiting.