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The Magic of Megan Holt

The Magic of Megan Holt

By Riley Hutton, Truluck’s Operating Partner

How does a pharmacology student with a family lineage of medical professionals, who studies and works in the laboratories at the University of Iowa end up in Southlake, TX working for one of the best restaurants in town? And curating a top-tier beverage program for Truluck’s?

Well, it’s Texas. If you aren’t born here, you get here as quickly as possible. Then, your family joins you from Iowa. Ultimately, you decide your career needs to fulfill you emotionally, mentally, and physically, which leads you to the hospitality industry. This is the journey Megan Holt took and she has never looked back.

picture of Megan Holt beverage manager at Truluck's Southlake

Megan’s career with Truluck’s began in 2009. She, like many of our fellow teammates, began in a support role. A self-described learner who is determined to be the best, Megan began her ascent through the ranks immediately – from host to cocktail, cocktail to server, to private dining captain, and trainer. As a trainer she found a strength and a source of pride in mentoring, developing, and learning from those around her. Along the way, she picked up a few life-long friendships, wonderful memories, and experiences you can only find in the hospitality industry.

picture of Megan Holt with a few friends at Truluck's Southlake picture of Megan Holt with a few of her team members in Southlake

Megan’s climb has continued as she has moved into Leadership. She’s has taken a little bit from all those who have inspired her over the years saying, “I owe a lot of gratitude towards other service and culinary leaders in the company who have essentially taught me everything I know in the hospitality industry.”

Megan is well known throughout our group as an excellent motivator. So, what’s her secret? It isn’t medicinal chemistry after all, it’s team chemistry. She thinks big, plans bigger, and rewards biggest. She’s inclusive, her teammates feel heard. She’s naturally empathetic to their work because she’s literally been in their shoes. To her, they are as much a part of the process as the process itself.

picture of Megan Holt with the team at Truluck's Southlake

Of course, lessons have been learned along the way. First, she’s learned to let things go rather than getting tripped up by the simple stuff. Megan knows how to best recognize, solve, and move on from any problem, and knows happiness is not a destination; you must find your joy.

Megan’s confidence and perspective has been shaped greatly by her family. Her parents have been married for 55 amazing years and instilled the belief that women are leaders and can overcome any adversity. She is the youngest of five children and has always looked to her siblings for inspiration – they are her role models and best support system. Not to mention Moose, her adorable 13-year-old Yorkie. We can’t forget his contribution to Megan’s success!

picture Megan Holt enjoying some ice cream with a few of the Truluck's team members picture of Megan Holt with a few team members from Southlake

Taking on the role of Beverage Manager has been both rewarding and enriching, providing a new passion within our industry. From specialty cocktails and rare wines, to operations, teaching and training, it’s almost as if she is running a restaurant within a restaurant. The skills Megan has honed here leads her (and us) to believe she has the General Manager, and then Managing Partner, blood within her. She says, “There is always more to learn. It’s as challenging as you want it to be. The hospitality industry is constantly changing and trying to outcompete one another. You can make this constant evolution as fun as you want it to be. It’s about contests, training, engaging your staff, the juggle, and the changes. Each day is a different set of challenges and eventual successes. There is never a dull moment.”

With this mentality, a GM position can’t be too far off in her future, but now she’s enjoying the journey and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team. Visit Megan at our Southlake, TX location to see her in action. Your table is waiting.

picture of Megan Holt with the J. Lohr wine cork board she made that features a breast cancer ribbon made of corks