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The New Kid on the Block

Chef Laurence Cohen

The New Kid on the Block


picture of Chef Laurence Cohen

Chef Laurence Cohen is the newest edition to the Truluck’s culinary team. He’s tasked with launching our DC restaurant that’s opening in May, and we’re so excited to witness his dedication and leadership unfold. Although the restaurant isn’t open yet, the year of 2020 provided a lot of time in the saddle for Cohen as Chef has done extensive work at our Austin, Rosemont, and Naples locations. We have confidence that he’ll be a terrific leader for this new venture as he has already proven himself to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and a perfect fit into our company culture.

So, who is Chef Laurence Cohen? According to him, he’s a “simple man” but I think “focused” would be more fitting.

Laurence started cooking with his mother in the family kitchen and found a lot of excitement and enjoyment in creating dinner and having his family critique his cooking. At the end of the day, if you’re called to work in kitchens, you’re most-likely a people pleaser at heart and crave being able to make others happy.

At first, Chef didn’t plan on cooking being his career. He was actually heading to the Marines as an MP when a car accident kept him from going to boot camp. After recovering, he had to reconsider what he wanted to do with his life. Since he always enjoyed being in the kitchen, he decided to go to culinary school in Baltimore. After an internship in Scotland, he returned home.

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen at a New York Giants game

While working at the Kennedy Center, he developed a love for the controlled chaos of high volume, as well as the immediate gratification of satisfying guests. This led to a stint working with the DC Nationals MLB team and a stretch working in New York for the New York Mets. During this time, he was also exposed to charity work which left a huge impact on his career and life.

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen with Gene Simmons from the band KISS

After moving back to DC in order to be closer to friends and family, Chef began to work with programs feeding the homeless with Operation Love, cooking for women’s shelters and working with Chefs for Equality. He also began teaching kids with little opportunity the skills to make it in the restaurant industry. This is something that he’s extremely passionate about and believes that it’s an important opportunity to teach his kids the value of sharing with neighbors and the community.

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen cooking for school children

Laurence on family:

“I love my wife and I love my kids. I have a great support system at home. I love that they get just as excited as I do when I am working on something new and get to make them my guinea pigs.”

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen with his family on the beach

“I’m a chef and dad so nothing scares me. Both of my sons are Type 1 (diabetic) warriors and I am determined to do whatever it takes until it’s Type none.”

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen and his son dressed up in suit and tie picture of Chef Laurence Cohen with his family at a type 1 diabetes event

Laurence on Truluck’s and being a Chef:

“I take pride in treating my team as my second family. Treating people with pride and dignity helps to make sure that we are able to take care of everyone around us.”

picture of chef Laurence Cohen with a giant steak

“I can’t wait to bring our food and hospitality to DC. I love the food. I love that we focus on clean and fresh simplicity. I love that everyone is here to create a special occasion for each guest. When everyone is focused on the same goal, it makes going to work fun and really enjoyable.”

picture of Chef Laurence Cohen

Personally, I’m eager to observe Laurence as he makes his mark and brings our one-of-a-kind Truluck’s experience to our newest location in the Nation’s capital. Your table is waiting.