picture of Small Floridian fishing boats, ready to sail


picture of Pounds and pounds of fresh crab claws

That’s how many pounds of fresh Florida Stone Crab claws we capture, prepare, and serve to our guests each year. But only during season, October 15 through May 1.


picture of Florida stone crab claws on a bed of ice

The number of frozen Florida Stone Crab claws we will ever serve our guests. Pro Tip: If a restaurant offers Florida Stone Crab out of season, it’s frozen. Never at Truluck’s.


picture of Florida Stone Crab claws on a plate, being served by a Truluck's chef

In less than 24 hours, our Florida Stone Crab claws arrive fresh from the traps to your table. Our crabbers capture, cook, and pack the crab in ice for delivery to our restaurants.


Utmost caring
for the crab

picture of Two crabbers, in silhouette at sunrise

Each day during season, our crabber's boats venture out into the turquoise waters surrounding the Florida Keys. There they capture the crab in humanely designed wooden traps, and haul them onboard. The crabbers then delicately remove a single claw, and gently return the crab to their ocean habitat. The crab will regenerate the claw in coming months, ensuring the health and sustainability of the species.

picture of A crabber proudly showing his newest catch

Our Crabbers

All Florida Stone Crab we serve is captured and prepared humanely and sustainably by our dedicated team of crabbing professionals, who've maintained these unwavering standards for three generations.

picture of Florida Stone Crab claws on a plate, being served

Unmistakable flavor, undeniable freshness

There’s simply no mistaking the one-of-a-kind taste of fresh Florida Stone Crab claws. Their unique texture and sweet flavor profile have created legions of devotees. We serve the claws fully cooked, chilled, pre-cracked, and ready to devour. Beware the frozen Florida Stone Crab offered elsewhere. Freezing these exceptional crab claws robs them of their distinctive flavor and character.


"Truluck's is a true gem. Love the food, great service, atmosphere, and live music. Victor the bartender is amazing! My favorite dish is the chilled seafood coronation."
Mabel, Miami FL
"The best place for a great power lunch in Miami, with the best seafood in town. Great service by Alex and Gustav. Until Next time."
Lorena, Boca Raton FL