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The Many Sides of Kim Vazquez

The Many Sides of Kim Vazquez

Kim was born in Bay City, Michigan as her family has been there for generations. Her father worked in the computer tech industry and her mother in event planning. Kim started dipping her toes in the industry from a young age, as she would attend annual hospitality conventions with her mom and would often stand in as the event photographer.

Later in life, Kim attended Central Michigan University and was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, a competitive public speaker, and even became an improv comedy performer – but she’ll say theater was never her thing. While attending CMU, she studied journalism but after three years changed her major to psychology. She often says, “I wasn’t the kind of person who knew what my path would be in life, and I wasn’t certain who I wanted to be at the time,” and that mentality lead her down a path of excitement.

In 1986 she took a break from college, took the money she had left for school, moved to London, shaved her head, and joined the punk scene there for a short time. While in London, she lived in a bed and breakfast near Victoria Station, which lead to forming a great relationship with the owners. While they were on vacation for months at a time, Kim would run the B&B for them, again gaining experience in the hospitality industry.

Over many years and with the impatience of youth by her side, Kim traveled down many life paths. She explored multiple different industries until the early 2000’s, when Kim decided to return to school and finish her psychology degree with the dream of become a therapist. She got a “simple job” in a diner during the breakfast shift to pay her way through school at Florida Atlantic University. After graduating in 2005 at, “the ripe old age of 40,” she met her husband – a Marine and Desert Storm Veteran. Kim says her husband gave her the highest compliment by saying “you would have made a great Marine.” Semper Fi!

Around this time a close friend of Kim’s wanted to introduce her to Truluck’s Restaurant, but Kim initially passed because she was “making great money and off by 2:00 PM every shift.” Eventually, the owner of the diner she worked at passed away and the restaurant was acquired by a larger company. During this merge, the new owner was impressed with Kim because of her work ethic and degree, leading her to promote Kim. With the stress of this position, Kim was at a crossroads in life: should she become a therapist and use her degree or stay in the restaurant industry? She called her mom for advice, and was met with, “Kim, you love restaurants. Your decision is right in front of you.” Kim called her friend back and asked if the opportunity at Truluck’s was still available. Introductions were made and the leader of the restaurant recognized Kim’s warmth and hospitability. Within a year, she became a manager and key member of the Truluck’s team.  Kim was promoted to Managing Partner in 2021.

We are so thankful for all the talent and leadership Kim provides to the Miami team, and we are grateful to have her. If you’re ever in Miami, be certain to ask for Kim – your table is waiting.