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Purveyors of Amazing: Amber Scheer, CPCE

Purveyors of Amazing: Amber Scheer, CPCE

For 25 years, Amber Scheer has given guests an unforgettable dining experience at Truluck’s.

headshot of Amber sitting in a chair in a black leather jacket, smiling with hair slightly blowing left

For Truluck’s Sales and Events Training and Development Manager Amber Scheer, CPCE, January 2024 meant more than welcoming a new year. Scheer celebrated an amazing 25 years and counting working at Truluck’s.

“It’s so rewarding,” she says. “I am fortunate enough to do what I love and do it every day with the support of my team.  It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Chris and Amber with a partner from Yes to Youth in front of a colorful balloon backdrop with signs that say #together we save live and # say yes to youth photo of Amber with NACE Houston board members in front of neon NACE HOUSTON lighted letters with silver and blue balloons over the letters

Over the past 25 years, Scheer has worked in almost every aspect of the restaurant. She started in hospitality at the age of 17, working as a server and later a bartender. At 23, she shifted to front-of-house management. Then she decided to learn the business side of the industry. She became Truluck’s office manager trainer, traveling to new stores for restaurant openings and developing the talented Truluck’s team in each new location.

Amber in a black dress standing in front of a dining table dressed in emerald green linen with tall glass candles

“After many years of this, I wanted to get back to the people side of the business,” Scheer says. “I trained to be a sales and events manager (SEM), and after assisting the planner in the Austin market for a year, I moved to the Woodlands to be the permanent SEM at that location.”

Kelly Barber, director of marketing and events says, “It has been an honor to work with Amber (Bam) for the past twenty years. She continues to inspire us to be better each day for our guests and each other.”

Kelly and Amber with 2 llamas in front of a glass window Amber and the Truluck's team all dressed up in front of the stage at NACE awards gala

Although Scheer has excelled at all of her roles, people and events is where she truly shines.

Amber and her colleagues all dressed up in evening attire in front of a tall Christmas tree decorated in gold. Amber with 4 colleagues on stage all dressed up accepting a group award at NACE awards gala

“Amber’s passion for people shines through her relentless care and attention to every detail,” says Chris Davis, operating partner at Truluck’s. “It’s an absolute pleasure to watch her bring her imagination to life when she transforms the entire room into a wonderland of elegance and hospitality. She is a natural leader with a gift for elevating her team and their expectations for what is possible. It’s rare to find so many talents in one person and to watch how effortlessly she gives back to her friends, family, community and co-workers. She’s and inspiration, friend and mentor.”

Amber holding a glass award with NACE board members on stage at awards gala Amber in a green sequin dress and Sarah in a red dress on stage after Amber received an award

Samir Canaan, director of culinary operations, agrees. “Amber is like a master conductor, orchestrating seamless banquet bookings with finesse,” he says. “Her attention to detail, dedication and stellar communication skills set the stage for unforgettable events, leaving guests in awe and clients delighted. She is the true master of the banquet world, transforming every occasion into a symphony of success.”

One of Scheer’s favorite planning memories was creating an unforgettable wedding for one of Truluck’s very own private dining servers and chef. “Watching them meet at Truluck’s, get engaged while working there and ultimately get married with us was such a special experience to be a part of,” Scheer says.

Amber and her husband sitting on a rock at the top of a mountain with ancient ruins in the backgkround Amber and her daughter in green dresses in front of a red VW van with a Christmas tree and wreath in the background

For each new event she plans, Scheer sprinkles in magic at every level.

“Amber is a corner piece of a puzzle, a part that ties this all together,” says Reid P., event captain at the Truluck’s Woodlands location. “Her commitment to building and growing real relationships in this community, through constant and active service, is what makes us more than just a building with tables and a grill. She is a daily reminder of why we serve.”

Team Woodlands private dining team seated and standing on the Terrace with floral decor and green velvet chairs