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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Advice for Women in the Hospitality Industry

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Advice for Women in the Hospitality Industry

The Women of Truluck’s Share Tips on Working in the Restaurant Business

March is Women’s History Month, and we are taking this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the amazingly talented women of Truluck’s. Whether front of the house, behind the bar, running the kitchen or managing the entire operation, the women of Truluck’s work hard to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Nearly 60% of women have reported that they’ve worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their lives, according to the National Restaurant Association. In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked some of the women of Truluck’s about their experience working in the industry and the advice they’d give to other women embarking on a career in hospitality. Learn more about these crucial team members and what motivates them to make Truluck’s truly remarkable.

Truluck's cocktail server and server smiling and posing in the kitchen

1. Embrace all opportunities.

The restaurant business takes a lot of different people and roles to be successful and provide a great customer experience—and if you have the opportunity, experience as much as you can.

“Immerse yourself in all experiences. Say yes to everything when you are young and find your niche,” suggests Cassandra Mroz, special events coordinator at Truluck’s Rosemont, Illinois, location.

Amber Scheer, CPCE, special events coordinator at The Woodlands, Texas, location, agrees. “Explore the ability to be trained and work in several different roles, from accounting to management to event planning and community outreach,” she says.

Learning extends outside the restaurant, too. “Find opportunities for growth through certifications, continued education, being part of professional organizations and attending educational meetings and conferences,” Scheer says.

But sometimes opportunities may not be presented to you or unfold at the right place or right time. In those cases, Michelle Palencia, host and floral provider at Truluck’s Miami, has one piece of advice: “Be relentlessly persistent.” Advocate for yourself to get the resources, training and education you need to do your job and advance in your career.

Truluck's Miami team smiling at the host stand

 2. Lean into your skills.

Exploring all sides of the restaurant industry can not only expose you to what it takes to be successful in the business, but it can also help you find your strengths.

“Even if you have no awareness of the service industry, everybody has a natural skillset, so use it,” says Natasha Cuevas, server at Truluck’s Houston.

Annabelle Rodriguez, host at Truluck’s Miami location, keeps it simple: “Be yourself.”

Ariela Sappia, also a host at Truluck’s Miami, agrees. In leaning into her talents, she’s able to do her job well and feels empowered and confident in her career.

Truluck's Rosemont bartenders making drinks and smiling during the shift Truluck's server in the dining room posing while smiling

3. Find a mentor.

Think of a mentor as a trusty guide to help you navigate both your personal and professional development.

“Being mentored by another woman and surrounded by professionals who share their experiences and knowledge with me has encouraged me to go above and beyond, learn new things and be confident by taking initiative,” says Maria Arrieta, associate manager of Truluck’s Miami location.

Kim Vazquez, managing partner of Truluck’s Miami, agrees. “Truluck’s has provided life-changing mentors, significant training, clear expectation and, above all, positivity. I’ve been pushed and cheered on every day of my career,” she says.

Shawn Farmer, special events coordinator at Truluck’s Washington, DC, location, says beyond one mentor, having a whole network of support has made a huge difference in her career.

Truluck's host team smiling and giving the thumbs up Truluck's server team hugging and smiling while in the kitchen area

“Having partners by my side who are supportive, open to discussion and available for assistance is extremely important,” she says. “Working with a great team who openly listen and value my opinion has helped me achieve success in my role.”

Erin Simia, server and bartender at Truluck’s Dallas, also says that being surrounded by people of varying backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge and the training it provides benefits how she goes about her work.

So, find your tribe. Whether it’s having someone more experienced in hospitality in your corner that can provide support and career advice or a larger team to bounce ideas off of, finding people who raise you up will not only make work more enjoyable but also push you to achieve success.

Truluck's home office team at a charity event posing at the step and repeat photo booth

4. Pay attention to industry trends and shifts.

Like other industries, restaurants are always changing—even if it’s just what’s on the menu. Rebecca Wright, CPCE, special events coordinator at Truluck’s Dallas & Southlake, Texas, locations, encourages women in hospitality to pay attention to food and restaurant trends and collaborate with your team to make updates as you go.

“What has helped me achieve success is innovation and support from other team members as we address customer trends and preferences that have changed over the years,” she says. We have been able to collaborate on ways to remain in focus and relevant because we ask and answer questions of each other and then hold each other accountable.”

Paula is our Dallas pastry chef. She's icing a carrot cake in the kitchen.

 5. Ask questions and keep an open dialogue.

“Being a true leader in the hospitality industry takes time and knowledge, and the only way to truly gain both is by asking questions over time,” says Caroline Basciani, special events coordinator at Truluck’s Miami and Naples, Florida.

Similarly, Lauren McAfee from Truluck’s Dallas, encourages women to maintain an open dialogue with their team and management to ask questions and express ideas and concerns.

Rachel Hinton, server at Truluck’s Houston, sums it up perfectly: “Be confident, willing to learn, open to advice from well-meaning peers and management, be humble, be a team player, stand up for yourself, work hard, and you will be rewarded.

Interested in a career at Truluck’s? Explore career opportunities and see open positions at trulucks.com/careers.

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