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Purveyors of Amazing: The Dads of Truluck’s

Purveyors of Amazing: The Dads of Truluck’s

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating the lessons learned from fatherhood.

Mentor. Teacher. Fixer. Protector. Dad.

Our dedicated team here at Truluck’s wouldn’t be who they are without the exceptional dads and father figures in their lives.

This Father’s Day, we asked some of the dads of Truluck’s about their lessons learned navigating fatherhood. Here’s what they said.


Cary Grider, Managing Partner of Truluck’s Houston, TX

Managing Partner Cary Grider breaks up his Father’s Day to spend individual time with each of his three children before coming together for a family dinner. “One child may take me to the driving range or golfing, the next takes me to lunch, and the third comes up with some other fun thing to do, like a movie or arcade,” he says.

“Fatherhood is the hardest, most rewarding job you will ever have. At the end of the day remember that first. You love your kids. Hug them, and tell them.”

family photo of Cary Grider with parents, wife and children

Monica Leibowitz, Sales and Events Manager of Truluck’s Dallas, TX

Monica, Sales and Events Manager at Truluck’s Dallas, says about her dad, “He’s really funny and has a warm, welcoming vibe. He makes everyone feel comfortable in all situations. He’s the Dad that makes friends with every server – loves licking his plate clean and then telling the servers he hated it.  He laughs (only him) every single time.”

She will be spending her Father’s Day trying to be nice to her Dad while making tough calls playing Texas Hold ‘Em and having “friendly” games of poker, she credits her dad in teaching her patience, perseverance and perspective that she exercises now.

Monica and her Dad smiling with their heads together

Yaniv S., Server at Truluck’s Plano, TX

For Yaniv, Father’s Day starts with an early wake up from his kids with cards and a thoughtful gift. He appreciates how his own dad allowed him to think for himself and grow, and enjoys observing his own children’s “Aha!” moments.

His advice to expecting dads: “Be patient, listen, always say ‘I love you,’ show passion and enthusiasm, be positive and teach your kids to look for the silver lining and follow their dreams.”

Yaniv with his wife and 2 children smiling and posted in front of a Michael Jackson backdrop

Keegan O’Neill, General Manager of Truluck’s Washington, D.C.

“It’s impossible to list the best thing about fatherhood, but, watching my son accomplish little milestones in his life is one of my favorites,” says Keegan O’Neill. “The bond and the love for your kids is something you can’t describe until it happens to you.”

O’Neill strives to enjoy every moment. “Your kids change so fast, and the little things you love sometimes get outgrown.”

Keegan in a tie die shirt with baby Hank in a navy onesie smiling very big

Luigi C., Associate Manager of Truluck’s Naples, FL

“The smell of sambuca reminds me of my dad. He used to light it on fire at home and enjoy it after our family’s go-to meal of seafood pasta,” says Luigi. “He was always there for me, I was very fortunate to have a dad like that. He taught me to finish what you start, and say what you mean. If you say it, you do it. Treat people with respect and always know everyone’s name.”

With his own kids, Luigi spends the day swimming, grilling and enjoying family time. “You’ve got to take lots of pictures, enjoy the little moments and be present.”

Paul J., Server at Truluck’s Washington, D.C.

Paul sums fatherhood up into one word: joy. Halloween costumes, collecting seashells at the beach, watching all movies with them—the everyday moments, both big and small, are to be cherished, he says.

Watching his kids grow through life’s every moment is the most rewarding part about fatherhood for Paul. The hardest? Making time to fit everything in!

Jesus and his son at the gym posing with their tongs out photo of Mauricio in uniform with a Truluck's hat in the kitchen area of the restaurant

Anthony Q ., Server at Truluck’s Naples, FL

Anthony is celebrating his first Father’s Day this year. “It feels great being a Pops,” he says. “My dad taught me to be strong—whenever something happens just go along with it, because everything happens for a reason. I’d tell other new dads to get ready for the ride and enjoy the adventure.”

Andrew M., Server at Truluck’s Rosemont, IL

Andrew learned unconditional love and patience from his dad. Now, he passes that on to his own son. “I have always loved watching my son figure things out and overcome challenges,” he says. “Helping prepare my son for life’s many ups and downs gives me a great deal of pride.”

But it doesn’t come without its challenges. “When you’re trying your very best and still feel like you’re coming up short, show yourself kindness and love when you are self-critical,” he suggests.

Andrew with his wife in a denim jacket with their son poking his head between them Jordan with his wife and baby posing in the outdoors in front of a river

Jose J., Sous Chef at Truluck’s Dallas, TX

For Jose, carne asada and tequila will always remind him of his dad. As he raises his own children, he encourages new dads to take fatherhood in stride. It can be a rollercoaster, but “there’s no right way to raise your kids, and you will learn as you go.”

Jason H., Server at Truluck’s Plano, TX

“My dad always did everything he could to make us all happy,” says Jason. “He taught me that no matter the odds, you work hard and never give up.”

Now, he shares his own life experiences and guidance to his kids to help them navigate their own lives. “The fine line between parenting and understanding their differences from your own experiences can be a challenge, but the ability to see the positive things they accomplish in life is so rewarding.”

Jason with his wife and daughters outdoors inf front of a wooden post style fence and posing with a forest and mountainside in the background

Antonio H., TA Trainer at Truluck’s Plano, TX

Traditional Mexican food always reminds Antonio of his dad. It’s one of the reasons that his family’s Father’s Day traditions revolve around cooking.

“My dad taught me to be honest, hardworking and respect everyone,” he says. “It’s a blessing to watch my own children grow up. Always be present and take time to spend with your kids.”

Make your reservation today to celebrate Father’s Day at Truluck’s. Your table is waiting.

Jamie with his wife and daughter in their living room smiling and his daughter making a silly face