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Steaks are Elevated with Truluck’s In-House Steak Cutting

Steaks are Elevated with Truluck’s In-House Steak Cutting  

How Truluck’s chefs perfectly cut, season and prepare every delectable steak

New York Strip steak seasoned with pepper, roasted garlic and greenery

Truluck’s may be known for serving Florida Stone Crab and other delicacies from the ocean, but don’t let that fool you. We know how to make the perfect steak, too. Together, seafood and steak are a match made in dining heaven.

Truluck’s now offers in-house steak cutting, which means that every steak ordered is hand-cut at Truluck’s. In-house steak cutting allows our team of chefs to expertly cut the perfect size and portion of steak you desire, as well as ensure the quality of the meat.

“With the talent of Truluck’s chefs and their butchery skills, it was natural for us to turn the table and offer in-house steak cutting,” says Corporate Executive Chef Thomas Dritsas, who has 22 years of experience in steak fine dining.

All of Truluck’s steaks are 100% USDA prime native cattle and aged a minimum of 28 days. Steaks are offered in various sizes across filet, ribeye and New York strip cuts. Truluck’s also offers a filet mignon flight with three petit broiled filets that are distinctly designed and seasoned, as well as steak frites, served with truffle fries and tartar béarnaise.

“Butchering is an old-world technique. It’s artisan in its form,” Chef Thomas says. “The overall experience means that you get the craftsmanship from our chefs to produce these wonderful steaks.”

After a steak is cut, it’s seasoned with course kosher sea salt and broiled at 1200 degrees to perfection.

“When it comes to cooking the perfect steak, one thing comes to mind: caramelization. Proper surface caramelization will lift a steaks flavor profile from good to great,” Chef Thomas says. “Seasoning our prime cuts with course kosher sea salt elevates the beef flavor without masking its natural characters, and searing the steak’s natural surface sugars while sealing in the juices lends to a complex juicy cut of beef.”

To make the perfect steak at home, the key is a preheated high-temperature grill or broiler. Heating the surface of the grill or broiler as high as you can before searing your favorite steak cut will ensure proper surface caramelization.

close up image of a New York Strip from overhead dusted in black pepper with a half roasted garlic bulb and green garnish

Other important factors are the cut, grade and age of a steak. “Find a reliable source to purchase good quality beef from,” Chef Thomas says. “Make friends with your butcher. Butchers always have the skinny on the best cuts that are underutilized but are culinary gems. Find out from your new friend the grade and aging on some choice cuts you might be interested in.”

When it comes to grade, USDA choice or higher is recommended. Chef Thomas prefers Prime because of its marbling, or fat distribution. Age will impact the tenderness of your chosen cut. Your butcher can help steer you in the right direction.

You should also think about how the steak will be prepared. “If I am looking for individual steaks, I set my sights on ribeye, strip or filet cuts,” Chef Thomas says. “For a dish with Mexican flavor, try flank or skirt steaks,” he says. “I marinade them in lime, garlic and cilantro and grill them whole. Once cooked to my liking, I slice them into strips and accompany them with some great salsas and the fixings for a great taco bar.”

Once you’ve got your desired cut, grade and age of steak in hand, as Chef Thomas says, all that is left is to “Sear that steak!”

Truluck's chef coat in the background with a New York strip being held on a white plate with a half roasted garlic bulb and large floral tubes in the background

Season your steak accordingly, and remember to let it rest once cooked to let the blood come back to the center. “Notice when you cook and immediately slice a steak that you end up with the blood exiting the steak quickly, leaving the steak dry and flavorless,” Chef Thomas says.

You can finish with brushing the steak with melted butter to add some richness. Then all that is left is to enjoy!

Join us for a hand-cut steak remarkable dining at experience at Truluck’s. Make a reservation today. Your table is waiting.