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Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Women of Truluck’s

Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Women of Truluck’s

Truluck’s women leaders share what it means to work at Truluck’s.

Truluck’s believes every day is a reason to celebrate. But in March, there’s an added reason: Women’s History Month.

In the hospitality industry, women make up 51.2% of the workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We appreciate the women of Truluck’s, whose dedication and talent ensure that every day is filled with delightful and unforgettable experiences for our guests. Whether they’re chefs, servers, hosts, special events manager, or working behind the scenes, their contributions are invaluable to us.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked five women of Truluck’s about their path in the hospitality industry and what it means to work at Truluck’s. Here’s what they said.

1. Chef Partner Paigton Wilson

Chef Paigton Wilson is a Chef Partner at Truluck’s Southlake, Texas, location. “During high school, I started taking a culinary class, which ran a restaurant, and fell in love with every aspect, from the kitchen to the dining room,” she says. “The joy and laughter that you hear upon walking in the dining room made me feel good.”

headshot of Chef Paigton in her chef coat in front of the wine wall

Chef Paigton went to culinary school on the East Coast, where there was an emphasis on fresh seafood. That’s one key reason she landed at Truluck’s—our commitment to fresh seafood, particularly the trap-to-table story behind Truluck’s Florida stone crab.

2. Kim Vazquez, Managing Partner

“Everyone has a calling or a common thread that seems to run through their life. It might be a person, a talent, a vocation of some sort. Mine has always been the need to make people happy, the craving for fast pace and the opportunity to create order,” says Kim Vazquez, managing partner at Truluck’s. “Hospitality was made for me.”

headshot of Kim Vazquez in a black suit in the dining room

Vazquez says she has found her professional home at Truluck’s, where she feels valued for her individual strengths while working toward the same commitment all employees share: bringing joy to guests.

“A challenge to being a female leader in this industry is the tendency for others to stereotype our skills,” Vazquez says. To which she tells everyone, “Expect the unexpected.”

managing partner, Kim Vazquez with 3 former employees who are now working in their careers as a fire fighter, policeman and sales person

“It is important for female leaders to have a strong sense of self. We are skilled in everything from facility operations to complex budgets, empathy and strong, stable leadership. We can crush stereotypes; we deftly manage emotion and stress,” she says. “I am particularly proud of some of the women I have been able to mentor at Truluck’s. It is one of the most satisfying parts of my career. They have amazed me with how they push themselves.”


3. Amber Scheer, CPCE, Sales & Events Training & Development Manager

For 25 years, Amber Scheer has given guests an unforgettable dining experience at Truluck’s. This sales & events manager has worked all sides of hospitality, from being a server to hosting, becoming a manager, working in accounting, sales and events.

headshot of Amber Scheer smiling in a red dress with her arm up close to her face

Constantly meeting new people and creating memories for guests keeps Scheer going. “I love creating special experiences for our guests,” she says. “My advice for any woman in the field is to always be the hardest working person in the room.”

4. Tambra Tatum, General Manager

Like Scheer, Truluck’s Plano, Texas, General Manager Tambra Tatum thrives on delivering happiness to guests.

general manager, Tambra Tatum with her hand on her hip in front of the glowing bartop

“Being able to create long lasting memories for others—it is truly gratifying to know that you were able to participate through a culinary masterpiece and hospitality,” she says. “At Truluck’s, we have a culture where employees are supported and encouraged to stay passionate about creating a remarkable dining experience for every guest.”

general manager Tambra Tatum with Chef Justin smiling outside of the front doors of Truluck's Plano

Although she has felt supported in her career at Truluck’s, there have been times when being a woman in leadership has been challenging. Yet, she keeps her head up, she says.

“You have to command respect and stay true to yourself,” Tatum says. “Staying kind and assertive is key.”


5. Jennifer Winney, General Manager

General Manager Jennifer Winney runs Truluck’s Austin Downtown location in Texas. With 25 years of experience in all segments of the industry, from big-box concepts to mom-and-pop, Winney has done it all. We are grateful for the vast experience she brings to the table and to the Truluck’s Restaurant Group.

headshot of Jennifer Winney in a pink blouse with a a gray suit in front of the backlit bar

“I love what I do and know I can make an impact wherever I go, but here at Truluck’s I get to have fun while doing it, and that’s all because we attract, hire and develop great people,” she says.

photo of Jennifer with her significant other in cowboy hats

Winney has seen a lot of changes in the industry since she started at her first restaurant at age 15. But for women, she says that stereotypes persist.

“Guests have asked to talk to the male manager or assume I’m less experienced because I don’t look my age,” she says. “Learning how to navigate the situations most would find insulting, especially if gender-reversed, and responding with charisma, grace and substance has challenged me over the years. Some advice I’d give to any woman in the field: Take care of yourself, you’re the only one of you out there! Learn to enjoy cold food; leaders eat last. And sign up for a 401k ASAP!”

Start making your mark in hospitality and join Truluck’s incredible team. View openings and learn more about Truluck’s careers here.