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2023 Reflections from a Remarkable Year at Truluck’s

2023 Reflections from a Remarkable Year at Truluck’s

See Truluck’s 2023 year in review.

At Truluck’s, we’re all about making memories. As we close out 2023 and ring in a new year, it’s always fun to look back on all we’ve accomplished this year—achievements that are all made possible by our wonderful, generous guests.

Here are just some of the highlights that made 2023 such a remarkable year!

The exterior entrance of Truluck's Ocean's Finest Austin downtown location at nightime  Truluck's Fort Lauderdale exterior entry with the lighted logo and palm trees in the forefront

Florida Stone Crab Claws Served

From trap to table in 24 hours, Florida Stone Crab is the crown jewel of the Truluck’s menu. Truluck’s has brought guests sustainably sourced Stone for more than 30 years—and that’s not changing any time soon.

“I have a special appreciation for our Stone Crab Claws,” says Ana Maria, private dining server at Truluck’s Rosemont. “They are not only a guest favorite but also a dish I personally love. Their freshness really showcases what Truluck’s is all about.”

Six fresh Florida stone crab claws on ice with fresh parsley and lemon

3 New Locations

2023 brought new opportunities to dine at Truluck’s with the addition of new restaurants across Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Plano, Texas; and downtown Austin, Texas.

Server Keefe N. at the downtown Austin location says “the opportunity to make a difference in a new Truluck’s location” was the highlight of 2023.

We hope to see you at one of these new locations soon!

Truluck's Fort Lauderdale bartop with a quartz backlit bartop, white bar chairs and a backbar stocked with colorful liquor bottles interior of Truluck's Fort Lauderdale with black and white marble tiles, large olive trees, camel colored booths and tables with white leather chairs.

1 Million Guests Served

At Truluck’s, providing a stellar dining experience to guests is our main priority. And in 2023, we were fortunate enough to have one million of you walk through our doors to revel in the remarkable of all that is Truluck’s. The whole Truluck’s team is honored to serve and get to know you. We can’t say thank you enough!

A bartender smiling and pouring a glass of white wine for a guest at the bartop

2,762 Special Events

Every moment at Truluck’s is celebratory occasion, but our special events can’t be beat. In 2023, Truluck’s hosted a remarkable 2,762 events across its 12 locations, from birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, corporate get-togethers and everything in between.

“It has been a pleasure being a part of so many special moments with our customers with having them choose us time and time again,” says Cassandra Mroz, special events manager at Truluck’s Rosemont.

Some of those special moments have been life-changing.

“We had a couple ask us to help with their gender reveal. They gave us a card with the info, and Chef Dan wrote ‘It’s a Boy!’ in chocolate on the Baked Alaska plate to present to them,” says Michael Tobias, general manager at Truluck’s Austin Arboretum location.

At Truluck’s Washington, D.C., one event stood out in particular for Shawn Farmer, special events manager.

“We hosted a large wedding rehearsal dinner in September, which typically entails a year of planning with the bride, groom and at least one set of parents. Upon the group’s arrival, I was welcomed with lots of family hugs and compliments from all,” Farmer says. “Although we host many corporate events, they are never quite as special as planning a wedding party. Getting to really know your hosts and being part of such an important and celebratory occasion with their family always reminds me why I plan events at Truluck’s!”

Team Woodlands private dining team seated and standing on the Terrace with floral decor and green velvet chairs

68,630 Slices of Carrot Cake

No meal is complete without dessert. At least, that’s the philosophy at Truluck’s. And our crowd-favorite carrot cake certainly captured hearts this year.

“Everything at Truluck’s is delicious, but that carrot cake is magical!” says Misty Montague, special events manager at Truluck’s Austin Arboretum, Austin Downtown and Houston locations.

World class carrot cake on a plate drizzled in caramel with pecans on top and two glasses of champagne in the background

293,600 Specialty Cocktails

No meal is complete without the perfect drink—and no one knows this better than Truluck’s. For Beverage Director Dave Mattern, the details matter, and he takes great care to create specialty cocktails that wow the palate and pair perfectly with your meal.

Cocktails such as Rum Fashioned and Summer Romance were standouts this year, but 2024 is sure to bring new sips to savor. The only question is, which will you choose?

Rum fashioned in a rocks glass with dried lime wheel and a silver jigger in the background

86,609 Plates of Miso-Glazed Seabass

Truluck’s miso-glazed seabass made a big impression in 2023, coming in as both a guest and employee favorite.

“Miso-glazed seabass is always delicious!” says Elizabeth Nourse, special events manager at Truluck’s Naples, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, locations.

miso glazed seabass over crab fried rice with chilled cucumber slaw and a watermelon radish on a white plate

84 New Truluck’s Employees

In 2023, the Truluck’s team grew by leaps and bounds, welcoming 84 new employees to our tight-knit crew.

“Starting my career here in October, I was greeted with open arms and eager smiles,” says Savannah R., host at Truluck’s Austin Arboretum in Texas.

Ryan Studt, general manager at Truluck’s Dallas, shares a similar experience—one that he says was a favorite moment of the year. “Walking into the restaurant on my first day with everyone greeting me and welcoming me and walking in every day since then to the same feeling—I truly have one of the best teams I have ever had by my side,” he says.

At the new Plano, Texas, location, Chef Justin Valladarez says it was easy to settle into Truluck’s family culture.

“My top memory of 2023 was how welcoming everyone has been to me. It really showed me how great the culture is here at Truluck’s,” he says. “I am looking forward to growing with this wonderful concept and making memories with guests and team members for a lifetime.”

Chef Thomas with a few Houston team servers smiling and grouped together in the back of house kitchen area

6,670 Champagne Bottles Popped

Need we say more?

Here’s to popping more Champagne to ring in the new year! We look forward to serving you and making new, unforgettable memories in 2024.

Create your own memories at Truluck’s. Make a reservation today. Your table is waiting.

Champagne Henriot, Champagne Ayala, Bollinger La Grande Annee champagne bottles and 3 champagne flutes lined up on the bartop with a yellow backlight